Saturday, 12 November 2011

Food Doctor Multi Seed & Cereal Pitta Breads x 6

If you’re bored with plain white or wholemeal pitta breads, you might enjoy the taste of Food Doctor’s Multi Seed & Cereal Pittas. Their circular shaped pittas are crammed with delicious seeds and cereals making them an ultra high fibre, tasty alternative to regular pittas.

Food Doctor’s Multi Seed & Cereal Pittas are low in saturated fat and have 157 calories each. Eat them hot or cold and stuff with felafels, salad and houmous for a healthy lunch or dinner. In common with other pitta breads, they can be tricky to open up without tearing. But once they're heated up, opening them becomes a bit easier.

Food Doctor’s Multi Seed & Cereal Pittas are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and can be found in the bakery section of larger supermarkets.

Nutritional Information: Per pitta (70g): 157 calories, 7.1g protein, 27.9g carbohydrates, 1.4g sugars, 1.9g fat, 0.3g saturates, 7.1g fibre, 0.8g salt. 0.60g omega 6 as linoleic acid.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Water, Cereal and Seed Mix (11.6%) (Malted Wheat Flakes, Golden Linseed, Sunflower Seeds, Brown Linseed, Pin Head Oats, Chunky Oats, Millet Seeds, Poppy Seeds, Quinoa, Cut Toasted Rye), Sunflower Oil, Yeast, Wheat Fibre, Sea Salt.


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