Thursday, 12 July 2018

Alpro No Added Sugar Soy Mango Yogurt Review

Alpro More Fruit No Added Sugar Mango YogurtAs much as I love dairy yogurt, I like to take a break from dairy sometimes and try out some of the alternative dairy free yogurts. Alpro have a great selection of soy yogurts and I was happy to discover another 2 new varieties last week.

These are called ‘More Fruit No Added Sugars'. They're available in two flavours: Mango and Cherry. I picked up a pot of the Mango flavour to review.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Danone Light & Free Skyr Strawberry Yogurt Review

Danone Light & Free Skyr Strawberry YogurtLight & Free, by Danone, have a range of fat free, sugar free flavoured yogurts. To keep up with the trend for Skyr type yogurts, Danone have now introduced their own Skyr version of Light & Free. It’s available in three flavours: Strawberry, Raspberry and Blueberry.

Having never tried a Skyr yogurt before, I thought this might be a nice one to try, especially as I really like their Light & Free Strawberry yogurt.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Are Alcohol Calories Ruining Your Diet?

If you’re on a weight loss diet, but not shedding the pounds, it could be down to the booze. According to a new survey by, nearly half of British adults have no idea how many calories their alcoholic drinks contain.

Many Britons are seemingly oblivious to the calorie content in alcohol, with an estimated 2.7m thinking that a pint of lager has less than 40 calories!

So what other calorie misconceptions do Brits have with alcohol and which tipples are best for your waistline?

Monday, 25 June 2018

Emily Fruit Crisps Review

Emily Fruit Crisps red appleWhizzing around a branch of Waitrose recently, I noticed a display stand of Emily crisps in little cardboard boxes, complete with carrying handle. They were so cute I couldn’t resist taking a closer look.

These new multi-pack boxes contain 4 bags of Emily fruit crisps, each less than 100 calories.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Calorie Guide to Ryvita Crackers and Crispbreads

Many years ago when I embarked on one of my first ever diets, all I knew about losing weight was that I needed to reduce calories. One of my first decisions was to replace bread with crackers and Ryvita were the first ‘diet’ product I ever bought.

Back then the range was very limited. As far as I can remember there was the Original Rye crispbread and the Ryvita Crackerbread – a very low calorie option.

Today however, the Ryvita range takes up an enormous area of the supermarket crispbread and cracker area. Besides their original Rye crispbreads and crackerbreads, they now also sell rye cakes, rye bakes, flatbreads and a higher protein crispbread.

Here is the calorie and nutrition guide to the range of Ryvita available at the time of writing – June 2018.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Pudology Skinny Desserts Review

Pudology, makers of gluten free, dairy free and free-from-refined sugars luxurious desserts, have introduced two new varieties that even those watching their weight can enjoy.

The new desserts are called Pudology Skinny and they’re available in two varieties: Lemon & Yuzu Puds and Chocolate & Raspberry Puds.

They’re both gluten and dairy free, but they’re also low in calories with just 60 calories and 59 calories per pot respectively.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Onken Light & Fruity Yogurts Review

Onken Light & Fruity Passionfruit YogurtOnken have brought out two new 0% fat and no added sugar lower calorie yogurts. These are part of a new ‘Light & Fruity’ range which provide a lower calorie yogurt choice for those wanting to reduce calories, fat and sugar.

The two varieties in the Light & Fruity range are Blueberry and Passionfruit. The Blueberry has 49 calories per 100ml and the Passionfruit has 51 calories.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Pip & Nut Almond Drink with Honey & Vanilla Review

Pip & Nut almond milk drinksIn my quest to make the perfect matcha latte, I’ve been trying out various dairy free nut milks. It used to be Alpro dominating the market, but now there are so many more to choose from. Unfortunately they're not cheap and they do vary quite a bit in terms of nut content which affects the calories and taste.

Here’s yet another new name on the block. Pip & Nut is becoming a familiar sight in health food stores with their range of dairy free nut milk drinks, nut butters and squeezy nut butter packets.

Pip & Nut have three different dairy free almond nut milks: Unsweetened (20 calories per 100ml), with Honey & Vanilla (27 calories per 100ml), with Coconut (22 calories per 100ml). I purchased the Honey & Vanilla.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Kellogg’s NO Added Sugar Granola Review

Kellogg's No added sugar granola coconut cashew almondGranola is taking over the breakfast cereal aisles. If you're into granola, it seems there's no end to the new brands and varieties appearing on the supermarket shelves. And the granolas that already exist are now being produced in low sugar or no added sugar varieties.

One brand that caught my eye a few weeks ago was this new No Added Sugar Granola by Kellogg’s.

There are three varieties to choose from: Coconut, Cashew & Almond; Apricot & Pumpkin Seeds and Super Grains Granola Cranberry, Sultana & Spelt. Since I don’t like dried fruit in cereal, I decided to see what the Coconut, Cashew Almond granola was like.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Halo Top Low Calorie Ice Creams Review

Halo Top Peanut Butter low calorie ice creamAfter seeing an advert for Halo Top ice creams in a health magazine, I just had to give them a try. Halo Top Ice creams, from the US, are the ultimate treat for dieters, slimmers and weight watchers everywhere. Each 473ml tub contains the number of calories displayed on the front of the label, ranging from 280 calories to 360 calories for a whole tub!

Not only are they lower calorie, they get a green light for every traffic light! They contain no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavours or colours and are suitable for vegetarians. Most are gluten free.

Tracking them down wasn’t easy as they’re currently only available in Tesco and at Ocado online. But give it time!

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