Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Low Sugar Cheerios Breakfast Cereal Review

I did a double take when I saw this box of Cheerios in Asda last week. Words tumbling round my head included ‘yeah right’, and ‘marketing ploy’ and ‘seriously, Cheerios, low sugar’. No way.
I had to inspect further.

Scouring the nutritional information I homed in on the sugar per 100g. Here we go I thought, this is where I catch them out. But no. There it was, plain as day. Just 4.7g of sugar per 100g (a little over 1 teaspoon). Anything lower than 5g per 100g is low in sugar!

This is the same as around one quarter of a teaspoon per 30g serving.

Cheerios Low Sugar oat cereal will now make its entrance onto my 10 Low Sugar Breakfast Cereals post.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Nairn’s Astro Bites 40% Less Sugar Review

Nairns astro bites biscuitsAstro Bites are the latest arrival from Oat Biscuit makers, Nairn’s. Aimed at the children’s market, Astro Bites are mini biscuits made from wholegrain oats and flavoured with cranberries and raisins. Their main selling point is that they contain 40% less sugar than the average children’s biscuit.

Although they’re aimed at the kids market, I think they’re perfectly suited for adults too, especially since each biscuit has only 10 calories!

Friday, 13 March 2015

Alpro Coconut Milk Review

I've recently got into the habit of making porridge using half water and half coconut milk. Besides giving the porridge a lovely flavour, it makes the porridge especially creamy, something which water alone doesn't do.

My coconut milk of choice is generally Koko Dairy free coconut milk. However, as I regularly use Alpro’s Soya Light, I decided to try out the new Alpro Coconut Milk which has 20 calories per 100ml.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Doves Farm Organic Gluten Free Cocoa Rice Review

My kids would be in heaven if I bought them Coco Pops. However, I just can’t compute the idea of eating chocolate at breakfast. My sister, married to a Frenchman, has fully embraced the whole French custom of dunking a baguette into a bowl of hot chocolate for breakfast.

This means that when she and her tribe come to stay (3 kids under 13), they invariably bring along a box of Coco Pops. And I'm branded mean and unfair by my lot. So, after their last visit, I  had a change of heart.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Working Out - The best times to eat certain foods

Imagine your body is like a car. You need to fill it up with the right kind of fuel in order for it to run efficiently. Similarly, to get the best out of your performance in the gym you need to fuel your body with the right kinds of food before and after your workout.

We all know that eating junk food is going to hinder your ability in the gym, but did you also know that the time that you consume certain foods can have almost as big an impact on your performance as the kind of foods you are putting into your body?

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Oppo Lower Calorie Ice Cream Salted Caramel Review

Over the years I’ve reviewed a fair few lower calorie ‘ice creams’ but this new ice cream from Oppo is by far the best. Oppo ice creams are sold in 500ml tubs and come in three flavours: Madagascan Vanilla with Baobab; Mint Choc Swirl with Spirulina and Salted Caramel Flavour with Lucuma.

They’re made with natural sweeteners including apple extract and stevia as well as virgin coconut oil. Each variety has a form of superfruit or superfood so there are added health benefits too. For my first purchase, I opted for the the Salted Caramel which has 77 calories per 2 scoops.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Nakd Soya Crunch Protein Bars Review

I first discovered Nakd snack bars back in early 2012. Since then, they’ve been my ‘sweet snack of choice’ ever since. Fortunately, the Nakd brand produced by British company, Natural Balance Foods, is still growing strong, with an increasing range of new snacks.

Among these are Nakd’s range of Protein Fruit and Nut Bars. Back in 2013 I reviewed the Nakd Strawberry Crunch. But now there are another three varieties to choose from.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Graze Snack Box Review: Tomato & Basil Pizza

It never ceases to amaze me how Graze come up with so many inspirational snacking ideas. Some are a bit hit and miss, but on the whole, they’re winners.

They've certainly been tasty enough to keep me as a loyal customer for the past 3 years (and I’m not even being paid to write up these reviews)!

So, onto this week’s snack - Tomato and Basil Pizza.

It’s not pizza in the traditional sense. Graze’s Tomato and Basil pizza snack is a punnet consisting of mini tomato breadsticks, basil flavoured crunchinis (like croutons) and cheese flavoured cashew nuts. The 24g punnet has 120 calories.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Streamline Lower Sugar Strawberry Jam Review

My daughter recently asked if I could please buy some strawberry jam. It seems she’s become used to eating it while on holiday with friends recently. However, with my aversion to sugar and high calories, I've more or less given up on buying jam for the household, thinking I’m doing everyone a health favour.

They don’t appreciate this, so I decided to see what was available in the reduced sugar jam range. The jar that stood out for me was this brand by Streamline: Less Sugar Strawberry Jam. According to the label it has “More Fruit Less Sugar” and one tablespoon contains 26 calories.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Graze Snack Box Review - Fruity Mango Chutney

Here’s another snack under 100 calories from Graze. This one's called 'fruity mango chutney'. The punnet is divided into two parts. The larger part contains mini black pepper dippers and the smaller part has a mango chutney dip. The whole snack totals just 80 calories!


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