Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Koko Dairy Free Spread with Coconut Oil Review

Koko Dairy Free Spread - Made with coconut milkI was recently sent a sample of a new dairy free spread (sort of alternative to butter) from Koko, the people who make coconut milk (see review links below).

While I don’t personally use spreads like butter any more, my family still spread butter on their toast etc. and my elder daughter does lots of baking with butter. So I decided to let them be the judge. Of course, I did try some myself…

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Jim Jams Less Sugar Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

In these days of sugar overload, it’s hard to find a packaged product that doesn’t list it somewhere in the ingredients. Therefore, I was intrigued to hear about a range of spreads and jams that have been specifically produced to contain far less sugar than their counterparts.

JimJams is a new brand which includes an alternative to that high sugar favourite (Nutella), with 83% less sugar.

I purchased a jar of the JimJams Hazelnut Chocolate spread to see how it compared with Nutella.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Cranes Premium Cranberry Cider Review

Cranes cranberry ciderYou may not have heard of Cranes, but I have a feeling their name will become a familiar one in the not too distant future. Cranes is the world’s first premium cranberry cider’ which is made from fermented cranberries. At the time of writing there are three varieties: Original Cranberry; Raspberry & Pomegranate and Strawberry & Kiwi.

Cranes Cranberry ciders are 4% alcohol and sold in 275ml bottles. Each bottle has just 99 calories, around half the calories of wine!

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Koko Dairy Free Light Review

Having tried out several brands of dairy free coconut milk, Koko’s Dairy free alternative is my favourite (see review). Besides tasting nice, it's low in fat, saturates, salt and calories. If, like me, you like the taste of Koko Dairy free, you might be interested in their Light version.

I must admit that when I was kindly sent a sample to try out, I couldn’t see the point of it. I mean, the original is already low fat etc. so why make one that’s even lower? Even more so since we’re all being told that low fat isn’t the way to go now!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Inspiral Organic Kale Chips Review

Inspiral sweet chilli and mint Kale ChipsGood old potato crisps may still be one of the country’s favourite snacks. But these days they have plenty of competition from other vegetables. Like kale for example. Kale is one of the latest healthy food trends and with good reason. Kale is rich in antioxidants, calcium and vitamin A. But to be honest, it’s not all that tasty in its pure unadulterated form.

One of the tastiest ways of preparing kale is turning it into crisp form. While there are many brands offering their own version of kale crisps (see review pret), my favourites so far are made by Inspiral. They make a range of different flavour varieties and they come in different sized packs. Great news is they are all low in calories.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Weetabix Protein Wheat Biscuits Review

Weetabix Protein breakfast cerealLast September I reviewed a new high protein Weetabix cereal called Weetabix Protein Crunch. This is a different sort of breakfast cereal to the regular wheat biscuits as it’s made from wheat and oats and shaped like tubes.

Now Weetabix have brought out another new Weetabix Protein cereal in the familiar wheat biscuit form. So what are they like?

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Marks and Spencer Alternative Milk Drinks

marks and spencer oat milk drinkIn line with many other supermarkets, Marks and Spencer now have their own range of alternative milk drinks. They're all included as part of the M&S 'Made Without' range of products. So these are in the made without dairy group.

This includes: Coconut Drink, Rice Drink, Almond Drink, Oat Drink and Soya Drink.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Different Types of Sugar on Food Labels

Sugar is headline news again. The UK budget announcement of a sugar tax on drinks may be welcome news to some. But, whatever your thoughts on sugar, there is no escaping the fact that if you buy processed food, the chances are pretty high it’ll contain sugar in one form or another.

Dr Sally Norton, founder of www.vavistalife.com has put together a handy list of the names you might find on a nutrition label which are really just another form of sugar.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Organic Nut-Free Apple Cinnamon Granola Minis

planet organic apple cinnamon granola minisI love wandering around health food stores such as Planet Organic or The Whole Foods Market. There are so many new discoveries to be made with all sort of items you don't see in mainstream supermarkets.

I plan to go in for one or two items and come out loaded down with all sorts. It's not cheap either, so I have to curtail my visits to save my bank balance!

So it was in Planet Organic that I was searching in the snacks area for something that would be suitable for school lunchboxes. Here I found a sweet snack called Made Good Apple Cinnamon Organic Granola Minis which sounded so delicious AND it contained vegetables.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Portion Distortion - Big Plates Blamed for Obesity

Research shows that our portion size is 50% bigger than it was just 20 years ago! A scary statistic in its own right. Scarier when you think about the size of an average plateful in 2036.   But be honest, which one of these is you? Do you pile your plate high – or go for modest helpings? Clear your plate clean afterwards – or leave just a little to show you’ve had your fill?

Chances are it’s less to do with your actual hunger – and more about your habits. Dr Sally Norton, NHS Weight Loss Surgeon and founder of www.vavistalife.com, writes about why portion sizes and plate sizes are affecting our waistlines.


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